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Year: 2010
Artist: Kina Grannis
Song: Valentines
Album: Stairwells
Director: Ross Ching
Director of Photography: Abe Martinez
Procduced by: Noelle Kessier
Record Label - Independent

Star Personas

Kina Grannis is an American guitarist and singer-songwriter. She is half japanese, half euro mutt which consist of (english, irish, scottish, french, dutch and welsh).Kina Grannis went off with a good start because she was the winner of the "Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Contest". She had won because of her first Youtube video "Message From Your Heart". Kina Grannis's video was aired during the Superbowl and its 97 million viewers. She walked away from the record deal to become an independent artist later on. Her songs have also been heard on television shows such as ABCs General Hospital and MTVs College Life. Kina Grannis has independently released her first full album, Stairwells, on February 23, 2010.

Genre and Representation

Kina's music is both sweet and melancholy. Through the music video, I can explain how it's both sweet and melancholy using Buscombe’s Theory. Buscombe identified four areas to look for these icons. They are the Location of where the music video is shot, the appearance of the artist, the tools which are used in the music video and everything else. The location of the music video is at a warehouse which is abandoned which would mean the location be very quiet. Acoustic music sound the best when it's quiet because there are no diegetic noises, this would mean the genre acoustic would match with location. Kina Grannis's clothing matches her sweet and melancholy music, she dresses up extremely urban and neatly. Her hair shows herself, who she is. She doesn't fix her hair with makes her natural and sweet as she is. The dominos with photos on them in the video narrates a melancholy story relating to Kina Grannis's lyrics. We can conclude this from Goodwin's six rules. This is rule number 2 and 3 which is the relationship between lyrics and visuals and relationship between music and visuals. The Lyrics, Music andVisuals are symbiotic to the melancholy-ness of the music video. Valentine is a song which is reconized almost instantly because of the acoustic instruments and Kina Grannis's melancholy voice. This is a theory created by Roland Barts. This concludes the Genre is acoustic.

Editing & Camerawork
- Transitions from the dominos to Kina Grannis singing.
- Slow Panning to match the sweet and melancholy song.
- Close up shots of the dominos to make the story clearer.

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